Urban Health, Inc

Mission, Vision and Values


To transform lives and add value to our community by increasing the stability of individuals at risk of homelessness through affordable housing, holistic social support and advocacy.


We hold firmly to a vision that homelessness in our beautiful California should be rare, brief, and nonrecurring.

What is our Promise and Values?

To act with compassion, mindfulness, kindness and integrity every day and in every way with every person that we encounter. To be responsive, inclusive and honest with our behavior, communication and services delivered.

Founded in 2020, Urban Health embraces servant leadership with an experienced and intentionally diverse team, and 6 core values to our work:

We aspire to build life-long relationships through unconditional love, service and support that meets the needs of others and improves the health of communities. We embrace partnerships by collaborating, educating and advocating in order to inspire hope and healing. We act with excellence in everything we do and make a habit of it.
We are committed to continuous improvement, learning and innovation through measuring our impact, reflection and action. We enjoy the journey, facing challenges and opportunities with passion and enthusiasm.
We put honesty and loyalty first in all our actions in order to earn and deserve the trust of those that we serve, our employees, volunteers, community members, partners, donors and supporters.
We believe that our differences should empower us, not divide us. We celebrate and embrace differences of all kinds, including race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, and thought, which make us stronger, more competent, and responsive to the world.
We believe in social justice and that every person should have the opportunity to thrive and offer advocacy and levels of support needed in order to achieve greater fairness of outcomes.
We believe in accountability and commit to the efficient and effective use of the resources that we are provided. We believe that our individual and collective life experiences have given us the tools to make good judgements in addressing the issues that we face. We will leave it better than we found it.

Our commitment:

These are bold declarations, and we did not land on them lightly. These principles are our driving force. Urban Health strives to make an impact in the lives of those who are facing housing and food insecurity, mental and physical health challenges and social isolation that deprives them of community, connection and emotional fulfillment.  We transform lives through a unique and integrative method, offering the best results in the shortest possible time, while providing training and resources so that people can thrive and be safely housed while maintaining their achieved optimal state of mental, emotional and physical health.

We do all this with the highest standards of excellence in every aspect.