Urban Health, Inc

Michelle Rosas

Board Member
“A person’s most universal need is for connection.”

Michelle started working at a very young age and built a business from the ground up as a self-employed hairstylist and entrepreneur. Michelle knows the value of hard work, perseverance, commitment to a goal and the importance of developing certain qualities and traits necessary to succeed in the world financially, personally and professionally. Michelle is a strong advocate of teaching independent living skills to young people and encouraging vocational education as well as higher learning for those with college education goals. Michelle has worked tirelessly on behalf of low-income families and offered opportunities for them to learn about various career choices, shadow professionals in different fields and enabled many young people to widen their prospects by connecting them with mentors in the community who are doing the type of work these kids dream of being involved with in the future. 

Michelle volunteers her time and provides in-kind service donations to participants as well as being a generous board member. She enjoys interacting with program participants, attending organizational events and is available for any requests for expertise or support, as needed