Urban Health, Inc

Jayson A. Heyer CEO/Founder

Our Story- A Life Transformation

Urban Health was founded in 2020 as a result of a transformative personal experience. When you are able to change the lens through which you see the world, you are able to experience the world differently and this humbling experience created an opening for goodness, health and wellness which compelled him to create and share the solutions that changed his life and have helped many others.

We carry our history in our actions, words, memories and in our body. This very deep fertile ground from which we all evolve creates and impacts our present life.  The intention of the Urban Health method and philosophy is that each day presents a new opportunity and it is through community, meaningful relationships, service to others and positive that we can all live longer, healthier and happier lives. We are offered, and sometimes forced, to close old chapters and begin new ones filled with exciting possibilities and potential. This is where the magic happens.

Urban Health’s braided approach of 8 Dimensions of Wellness is designed to help you achieve your mental health, physical wellbeing and personal empowerment goals that will enable you to rise and experience fulfillment in each of these domains.