Urban Health, Inc


2020-2021 The Pandemic Pivot

Urban Health was incorporated at the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic and grew our 100% volunteer crew to 14 people, serving our community safely with PPE despite the challenges and restrictions. We took rapid action to address the immediate needs of our neighbors and those facing food and housing insecurity. Our services included delivering personal health and safety supplies, conducting well-checks on seniors living alone, advocating for those at risk of homelessness and providing sleeping bags, masks and food to those still on the streets when shelters were shut down or full to capacity.

2022 Gaining Momentum and a Tribe of Volunteers

Urban Health continued to grow in services provided, remained 100% Volunteer operated and increased housing linkages, advocacy and collaboration in support of community needs and started offering personal development and financial literacy workshops at after-hours office locations. We spread the word through partnerships with faith-based organizations, DCFS foster youth services such as ILP and community college student housing coordinators to provide housing through our network to those at risk of homelessness. Urban Health served 167 people in 2022 with 18 volunteers who committed at least 5 hours a week.

2023 Gaining Recognition and a Major Donation to Celebrate!

Urban Health received a major donation of real property (a 5-unit Apartment building in Fontana, CA) to expand our reach and scope of services. We continue to operate with a volunteer staff of 21 dedicated, generous and brilliant souls committed to at least 5 hours a week of volunteer activities such as outreach, workshop instruction, The Urban Kitchen Culinary Arts Training Academy was started and the joyful journey continues….