Urban Health, Inc

Supportive Mentoring Program

World class, evidence based mentoring program developed by subject matter experts to support delivering valuable learning and development outcomes. We connect, coach and challenge participants to discover the motives that drive their decisions and behavior. The goal of the Urban Health Mentoring program is to empower mentees to develop into contributing members of our community. Urban Health’s range of services and support helps people of all ages and abilities build increasingly rich, independent lives. Studies show that consistent encouragement, listening and role modeling can have a profound positive impact on the lives of mentees. We encourage individuals to do as much for themselves as possible, with the knowledge that our staff is there to support them whenever the need arises.  Our Supported Living services build on each person’s strengths and help them become increasingly independent. The ability to choose our friends, where we live, and what we like to do for fun is what makes our lives unique.  With our Supported Housing Services, we strive to help individuals succeed in an environment that they create.  We tailor our services to meet the needs and interests of each person and focus on helping them make important everyday decisions.